Here at Eagle Sports Range we welcome and value all our visitors, with fantastic ranges and a massive choice of firearms available to rent or buy, however, for a more enhanced experience, we have membership options available. Members receive benefits based on which membership chosen, including priority lane access and discounts on various sales and rental options. These memberships bring convenience and structure to your visits, ensuring you have a lane available quickly as well as other convenience benefits.

The Eagle membership brings reduced range fees, great discounts on rental or sales, as well as priority lane access. The next step is our V.I.P. membership, which includes free firearm rentals and access to the VIP lounge as well as all range fees being included with the membership. In addition, VIP membership includes even greater discounts at our sales department.

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Membership of our Eagle Sports Range family enhances your experience every time you visit, providing even more enjoyment from your range use than ever before.


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