Training is an important part of firearm use for anyone, and we are proud to offer several training courses that are designed to provide you with the training and knowledge to handle your firearm safely and confidently in any situation.


This course has been designed to meet the standard requirements established in the Illinois Statute for a license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm, enabling you to be safe and prepared in all situations. A classroom lecture covers license protocols, legal issues and use of force laws, as well as general advice, firearm safety and a look at basic marksmanship. Following this, a live fire exercise that allows students to demonstrate their ability to shoot at reasonable distances safely as required.


This is a class that requires prior firearm experience, and is unsuitable for first time shooters.


This is a class that is perfect for first time shooters. It takes you through gun ownership, including the basic understanding of handling guns safely, as well as the process of shooting a pistol and its functionality and design. The course includes lecture based instruction that includes handling firearms safely and the basic operating procedures. 

This class covers a variety of topics including:

How to safely draw a loaded pistol from a holster in both shooting events and private practice. This will be a platform for beginners and new CCL grads to gain confidence in carrying, handling, and drawing a loaded handgun.


Designed for Junior Shooters who want to join in on the fun. This 2.5 hour course targets all Junior Shooters to instill important Firearm Safety Rules and help build their confidence inside and outside the range.


This course includes, one hour of classroom time (Child & Parent), one hour of range time (Child Only), Eye & Ear protection, 22 Long Rifle Firearm + ammo, and one target.